Educational Opportunities Statement


Educational opportunities in the Vermillion School District are available to disabled and disadvantaged students on an equal basis with all students and specifically available in the the vocational and technical education programs.

Accessibility Contingency Plan

In advance of a disaster, school district personnel will be made aware of disaster response issues in general as well as how they relate to their students’ specific needs. The Vermillion School District has an emergency plan in the event of a disaster. The principal of each school in the district will assure that people with disabilities are assisted in case of a disaster in terms of assistance to shelter, transportation, and support services. The superintendent is in charge of the school district disaster response system and each building principal is in charge of the respective school disaster response system and will be prepared to address the needs of persons with disabilities. Coordination and outreach will take place at both the local school and community levels in cooperation with the community emergency response system and appropriate organizations. The following safety accommodations will be address as part of the Accessibility Contingency Plan for students:

Transporting Individuals with Disabilities:

  • The special education teachers will be responsible to get them to safe shelter
  • The building secretaries will contact parents/guardians in case of emergency
  • The special education teachers will be assigned to individual students


  • The school nurse will ensure their medications are available
  • The school nurse will ensure they will receive their medication in the event of a weather related event which requires them to be in shelter


  •  The teachers will be assigned to be with the student to keep them calm
  • The principal of each school will be responsible for parent notification

Medical supplies:

  • The school nurse will ensure that medical supplies are available


  • Proper signs will be posted in the event of a tornado. Emergency drills will be conducted according to state regulations and local policy so individuals know where to go if an emergency event occurs. All adult personnel under the supervision of the respective building principal in each building will be responsible to provide assistance to get people to a safe location.